Aether has full-featured support for being scripted using AppleScript. However, in addition to this, it also supports a very simple URL-based system for logging QSOs in Aether from other applications. This page describes this system and how to use it.

aether:// URLs

Aether supports URLs using a custom aether scheme. Currently a single "host" is supported, logqso, which creates and logs a new QSO in the frontmost open Aether document. An example URL that will log a QSO with AC7CF on 20m CW is shown below:


If you are running Aether 1.6.3 (1531) or later, clicking the above link will open Aether and log a QSO!

The below table shows the complete list of supported query parameters:

Key Examples
callsign AC7CF, w1aw
band 20m, 160m, 2m, 10cm, etc.
frequency 14.060, 146.76, 28.200
mode CW, USB, RTTY
power 100, 5 (do not include 'W')
txExchange 027%20UT
rxExchange 042%20CA
txRST 599, 59
rxRST 599, 59
note FB%20QSO%21
lookupCallbookInfo true, false

If lookupCallbookInfo is true, Aether will perform an online callbook lookup for the new QSO after it is logged.

Note that the values for each query parameter must be strings, with special characters percent encoded as is common for URLs.


This feature is currently only available in the current beta version of Aether. It will be released widely as part of Aether 1.6.3. Also, this feature is only available when Aether is running on OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later.