Awards Tracking Preferences Tab

The Awards Tracking tab of Aether's preferences window contains settings related to Aether's awards tracking feature. More information about awards tracking in Aether can be found here.

Indicate that QSO is needed for an award

When the "Indicate that QSO is needed for an award" setting is enabled, Aether will tell you that the entered callsign is one that you need for one of the awards it tracks using a small awards icon to the right of the callsign field:

Awards indicator

This option is disabled by default.

Track these awards

Aether includes a number of built in awards that it will track. By default, all of them are enabled. If you'd like to disable tracking for certain awards, you can uncheck the enable checkbox for them here. When tracking for a particular award is not enabled, Aether will not use it to determine if new QSOs help with an award, nor will it be shown in the awards tracking report window.

Use these QSL methods for award confirmations

The options in the "Use these QSL methods for award confirmations" section allow you to control which QSL methods Aether considers valid for award confirmations. By default, all except eQSL.cc are enabled. Most award sponsors do not accept eQSL.cc QSOs as valid confirmation for awards.