Hidden Preferences

How To

Aether includes several hidden preferences that can be changed from the command line in a Terminal window. This is done using macOS's built in "defaults" tool. The command structure to set a hidden preference is:

defaults write com.openreelsoftware.Aether [parameter] -[type] [value]

To go back to the default:

defaults delete com.openreelsoftware.Aether [parameter]

You must restart Aether after changing hidden preferences for the changes to take effect.

Available Hidden Preferences

Parameter Type Default Description
UseFloatingNoteWindow bool false Use old-style floating notes panel instead of builtin notes box.
DrawConnectingLinesInKML bool true Draw lines between your station and contacted stations in exported Google Earth (KML) files.
UseRTSForPTT bool true If this is true the RTS line is used for Push To Talk (PTT), if false, the DTR line is used.
ShowNotesInNewDocuments bool true If this is true, the notes box is visible by default in newly created logs.
ClearCallbookInfoBeforeLookup bool false Set this to true to clear all callbook info fields before looking up callbook info.
AmplifierGain float 1.0 Multiplication factor for power level coming from rig via rig control.


For example to set amplifier gain to 5.0, open Terminal (in /Applications/Utilities), type the following command, then press return:

defaults write com.openreelsoftware.Aether AmplifierGain -float 5.0

To go back to the default value (gain of 1.0) issue the following command:

defaults delete com.openreelsoftware.Aether AmplifierGain

Note that this page lists hidden preferences in the latest version of Aether. Older versions may not support all the preferences listed here. If you have any questions, please contact Aether support.