Welcome to Aether Help

This website provides comprehensive help for Aether, a ham radio logging application for OS X. The site is organized into a few sections, each accessible using the buttons in the navigation bar at the top. They are:

  • Home - This page
  • Getting Started - Basic information about getting started with Aether and using its various features.
  • Guides - More detailed information about particular topics and features in Aether. Split into several subsections.
  • FAQ - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Often, these were written in response to an email from an Aether user, so that similar questions could be answered by referral to this site.

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Work In Progress

This site is a work in progress, and therefore, there are a small number of pages that are empty or links that don't work yet. Work is continuing at a rapid pace, and these problems should be fixed soon. If you'd like to help, see below for information about contributing.

Open Source

This entire site is open source. This means that if you find a mistake, have a question not answered here, or would like to help contribute additional information, you can do so! You can find more information on GitHub.