Debug Log

If you're having trouble with something, and need to contact Aether support for help, it can be very useful to have a debug log. This log often will contain additional information I can use to help track down the problem. To generate a debug log, please do the following:

  1. Quit Aether.
  2. Start Aether up from your dock while holding down the shift key. (If Aether is not in your dock, put it there temporarily by dragging it there from Finder.) This will put Aether in debug mode.
  3. You'll know that it worked if you see a Debug menu to the right of the Help menu.
  4. Attempt whatever operation it is that you're having trouble with, provoking the error you're seeing (if any).
  5. Choose Save Debug Log from the Debug menu:

    Save Debug Log menu item

  6. Choose a name and location for the debug log. Your desktop is a good choice.

  7. Attach the log you saved to an email to me.

Please note that this currently is only possible in the non-app store version of Aether. If you've having trouble and are running the app store version, please contact Aether support.