This page lists the rigs that Aether officially supports for rig control. For rigs not on this list, rig control may still work by selecting a similar rig from the same manufacturer. If you'd like to see support for a rig that is not currently supported, please contact Aether support.






Support For New Rigs

I rely on Aether users to test support for rigs that I don't own. I will only add official support for a rig after having someone confirm that it works with Aether. Most new radios use the same or a very similar CAT protocol as other radios made recently by the same manufacturer. If your radio isn't on this list, please try selecting a similar radio in Aether's Rig Control settings. Whether or not it works, please email Aether support to tell me that which rig you're using, and which rig settings work with it so I can add official support for it to Aether.

Note that many modern Yaesu radios use Kenwood's CAT protocol, so for new Yaesu radios, it makes sense to try a Kenwood setting (e.g. TS-2000).