Aether has the ability to import and export files in a number of formats. These are listed in the table below:

Format Extension Import Export Version
ADIF adi, adif Y Y 2.2.6
Cabrillo log, cab Y Y 2
CSV csv N Y N/A
Google Earth kml N Y N/A


To import a supported file into Aether, select Import from the File menu, then choose the file to import and click Open. You can also import supported files by dragging and dropping them onto Aether's dock icon.


To export a file from Aether do the following:

  1. Choose Export from the File menu (or press command-E).
  2. In the sheet that appears, choose a name and location for the file you're exporting.

    File Export Sheet

  3. Choose the file type you'd like to export from the File Type dropdown.

  4. Choose whether you'd like to export all the QSOs in your logbook, or just those that are selected in the QSO table.
  5. Click Save to save the exported file.

More Info

For more information about each of the the file formats Aether supports, see the following pages: