This page includes troubleshooting information for Aether's callbook lookup feature. This page is a work in progress.

QRZ.com Subscription Lookups

If you're using a paid QRZ.com subscription for callbook lookups, the first thing to check is that Aether is able to log in to your QRZ.com XML account. See the instructions for setting up QRZ.com XML lookups here. In particular, make sure the login test in steps 7 and 8 works. If you see "Failed", the most common problem is that your username and password is incorrect. Double check that they work by logging into QRZ.com's subscriber test page. If you are unable to log in there, please contact QRZ.com's support. If you are able to log in to QRZ.com's account test page, but are still unable to login using Aether, contact Aether support.

More Help

As always, if you have a problem that isn't fixed by the suggestions here, or have further questions, please feel free to contact Aether support.