After you request an LoTW certificate, you receive a .tq6 file from the ARRL. This file can only be imported into the same program that was used to request it. Often, Aether users request a certificate with TQSL, then try to import the .tq6 file they receive into Aether, which doesn't work. The solution is to export a .p12 file from TQSL, then import that into Aether. This page explains how to do this.

Note that this process works the reverse way too. It is possible to export a .p12 file from Aether and import it into TQSL (or Aether on another computer), as well.

Export .p12 From TQSL

Follow the steps below to export a .p12 file from TQSL, which you will then be able to import into Aether.

  1. Open TQSL, and select the Callsign Certificates tab:
  2. Select the certificate you wish to export on the left.
  3. Click the "Save the Callsign Certificate for " button on the right:

    TQSL Callsign Certificates Tab

  4. Choose a name and location to save the .p12 file:

    TQSL P12 Export Save Panel

  5. You will be asked to create a new password for the .p12 file. Make sure you don't forget this, as you will need it later. You can also leave this blank, if you don't care to use a password.

    TQSL P12 Export Create Password

  6. Enter the existing password for the certificate. This is the password you used when originally importing the .tq6 certificate file. It may be blank.

    TQSL P12 Export Create Password

  7. If everything worked, you'll see a message indicating that the save was successful:

    TQSL P12 Export Save Successful

You're now ready to import the .p12 certificate file into Aether.

Import .p12 into Aether

Follow the steps below to import a .p12 file into Aether.

  1. Open Aether.
  2. Open Aether preferences by choosing "Preferences..." from the Aether menu, or pressing command-comma.

    Aether Preferences Menu Item

  3. Select the QSL tab of preferences.

  4. Click the "Manage Certificates..." button:

    Aether Manage Certificates Button

  5. In the Manage LoTW Certificates window, click the Import button:

    Aether Manage Certificates Import Button

  6. Select the .p12 file you wish to import, for example the file you exported from TQSL, then click Open:

    Aether Import P12 Open Panel

  7. Enter the password you created when exporting the .p12 file. If you did not use a password, you can leave this blank and simply click OK:

    Aether Import P12 Enter Password

  8. You should see a message indicating that the import was successful:

    Aether P12 Import Successful

  9. The certificate should now show up in Aether's Manage LoTW Certificates window:

Aether Manage Certificates Non-Empty